I am having trouble trouble renewing

These steps are only for RENEWING your CLUB MEMBERSHIP.

If you want to join as a NEW MEMBER, you need to go to NEW MEMBERSHIPS.

?Renewing Members


1. You need to login to your account first. Use your MEMBERSHIP NUMBER as your USERNAME then enter your PASSWORD -------LOGIN!


If your member number does not have 3 digits i.e. 1 - 9, please add  00 (Zero Zero) before your number (001 - 009),

number 10 - 99, Please add 0 (Zero) before your number (010 - 099).

Your membership number has to be at least 3 digits. If you require help? Send an email to info@hdhcinc.org.au


If you are Still having trouble logging in:

1st Step - Please use your MEMBER NUMBER as your USERNAME and then click FORGOT YOUR PASSWORD, this will help you reset your password and will enable you to log in. Make a note of your username and password for future reference.

After you have finished on the website, please ensure you click LOGOUT at the top or bottom of the screen.

2nd Step - Still having trouble? email: info@hdhcinc.org.au