Welcome to Hunter District Hunting Club Inc.


Mandatory Attendances.

The  NSW Firearms Registry has adised the club on issues relating to mandatory attendances to retain your firearms licence. Due to Covid & floods you will now have until 15-4-23 to meet your paricipation requirements.


Members using our club as a means to hold a Firearm License

If you want to use a hunting club as means for holding a Firearm license and Firearms, you must be a current member of a Hunting Club. If you join and use HUNTER DISTRICT HUNTING CLUB Inc. (HDHC Inc.) as a means for holding a Firearm License and Firearms, you are required to renew your membership with us on or before 1st February each year.

 (Membership starts on 1st February each year and ends on 1st February of the following year). 


NoticeIf you are RENEWING your membership, please only click on RENEW MEMBERSHIP. If you are renewing and click on NEW MEMBERSHIP you will duplicate your membership and end up with a NEW MEMBER NUMBER, this will affect your registered number that you have with the Firearm Registry.

If you are a JUNIOR, you will have to pay the full membership fee from 01/02/2018,however Jnr's range fee is free when you shoot at a club shoot held at Cessnock Rifle Range.


When we were formed

The Hunter District Hunting Club Inc. (HDHC Inc.) was formed in December 1996, and has over 3000 members from more than 58 post codes. As well as Hunting we are also a Target shooting and Firearm Collecting Club, firearms licence categories ABCH.


Safety Awareness Test

HDHC Inc. can arrange a firearms safety test for you if required.


We carry our own Public Liability ($10,000,000) and Directors Insurance.


Contact the Firearm Registry for licencing and firearm related issues.


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